Maxum II Industrial Gas Chromatograph

Maxum II Industrial Gas Chromatograph
Manufacturer: Siemens

Application areas:

  • Chemical industry
  • Oil and gas
  • Water, sewage water
  • Power engineering

Forty years long experience of Siemens AG company in the field of industrial chromatography resulted in creation of Maxum edition II™ system, which combined the best gas chromatographs — Advance Applied Optichrom and Siemens PGC 302 on a single platform. The system has modular structure from temperature control and electronic components to software and communication circuits, while pre-configured modules of application software allows to conduct multiple general purpose measurements. Maxum II allows to combine various functional modules with flexible concept of furnace for optimum solution of the most complex tasks that makes this device a universal industrial gas chromatograph for flexible application with a wide selection of analytical features.

Technological information and specifications

Maxum edition II™ is used in all sectors of chemical industry for petrochemicals and oil refineries. Due to flexible possibility of application this device can e used on all production stages for analysis of raw feedstock, end product, as well as auxiliary products and other application areas for measurements in the ambient environment. Due to explosion-proof characteristics Maxum II can be installed in a cabinet next to the process unit or in a closed laboratory.


Maxum II combines various analytical components and offers a wide range of analytical features. This allows to perform different measurement tasks using a single device. Application of this device heps to reduce investment costs, as well as training and spare parts storage expenses. Maxum II platform offers the following:

  • multiple furnace configurations allow to find the optimum solution for almost any application area;
  • multiple detectors and valves are designed for optimum analytical solution;
  • intelligent electronics, local control and central workstation for quick and simple control, monitoring and maintenance;
  • powerful software to improve the results;
  • complex input-output system and serial interface for internal and external connection;
  • flexible network features for centralized maintenance and stable data transfer;
  • multiple analytical features due to the large application database;
  • large and experienced support team ensures global support.

Hardware and software features

Combination: one Maxum II device has functional features of several gas chromatographs.
Parallel chromatography: complex analytical tasks are subdivided into simple parallel tasks.
Cost of ownership: Flexible furnace concept results in low air and power consumption.

Application areas

Chemical industry:

  • benzol in styrole monitoring in ppb range;
  • small amount of admixtures of residual gases in high-purity gases;
  • fast CS2 and H2S analysis — several seconds;
  • rapid measurement of aromatic compounds from C6 to C8, including measurement of C9+ aromatic compounds;
  • hydrogen monitoring in chloride alkaline units;
  • measurement of sulfurous components;
  • measurement of paraffins from C9 to C18;
  • determination of vinyl chloride in indoor air with 60 sec. cycle;
  • gas analysis during production of monovinylchloride.

Oil and gas:

  • cracking gas analysis;
  • natural gas: chromatographic determination of dew point of hydrocarbon and calorific efficiency;
  • quick determination of benzol in oil;
  • determination of high boiling aromatic compounds in distillation fraction;
  • rapid measurement of acetylene in ethylene;
  • total sulfur content in gasoline and diesel fuel.

Water, sewage water:

  • determination of halogenated hydrocarbons;
  • simultaneous determination of chlorinated hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds and spirits in water;
  • monitoring of sewage water using process control gas chromatograph and desorber.

Power engineering:

  • power generation at coal-fired power station;
  • automotive industry;
  • quick analytical measurements of methane in exhaust fumes;
  • high-speed chromatography for small molecules in fuel.


Chromatographic measuring equipment consists of sampling system selected in accordance with the application area, sample preparation with switching to different sample flows and gas chromatograph with analytical and electronic equipment, as well as data processing equipment, controlling and communication software. Maxum II gas chromatograph has three sections:

Upper section includes electronic equipment with power source, controllers and analog electronics.
Central section includes pneumatic equipment and several detectors.
Lower section include furnace and all analytical components designed for separation.

There are two option of Maxum II device developed for wall mounting or free rack mounting. According to the Customer’s choice, the supplied chromatographs can be equipped with special sample preparation devices, including sampling probes, heated sample feed lines, reduction gears, flow indicators, etc., and can be mounted in heated chambers and portacabins.