MicroSAM Industrial Gas Chromatograph

MicroSAM Industrial Gas Chromatograph
Manufacturer: Siemens

MicroSAM (Micro Single Analyzer Module) field-type explosion-proof gas chromatograph is based on silica micromechanics. Solid, explosion-proof MicroSAM casing includes electronic, pneumatic modules and analytic track with valveless sample injection and column switching. Chromatograph is shipped fully configured for application in chemical industry (ethylene analysis in1,2-dichloroethane, determination of nitrogen in acetylene, analysis of methanol, water and dimethyl ether in pilot installations, etc.), oil and gas industry (hydrogen analysis in recirculating and other process gases, analysis of noble gases and low-boiling paraffine or olefine in combustion gases…), metallurgical industry (analysis of exhaust gas in blast furnaces), pharmaceutical industry (О2, N2, CО2 analysis in water in fermentation process), cement industry (analysis of fire damp for noble gases and hydrocarbons), etc.

Technological information and specifications

Natural gas analysis is a specific application area for the chromatograph. There is a special version optimized for application in fiscal gas metering systems. Integrated processors allows to calculate physical properties of natural gas based on chromatographic analyses and transfer data to the upper level of fiscal gas metering system. Calculations are conducted as per GOST or ISO. Chromatograph passed testing and is approved for application at Gazprom JSC facilities.

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