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  3. Pour relativiser mes propos de tout à l’heure : j’aime quand même Carmen, même si c’est en Français. D’ailleurs, j’en ai regardé une version sur DVD il y a un an ou deux, il s’agissait d’une interprétation de Frédéric Chaslin avec mise en scène de Alfredo Arias.

  4. I find this entire process demeaning and annoying. Why, after 21 years at EMU, am I now being asked to verify my marriage and my dependent child? Seriously? And what, may I ask, becomes of the documents we are forced to submit? I was told we need original documents as in my daughter’s birth certificate. Excuse me, but I have one copy of that birth certificate and I certainly hesitate handing it over to some nameless company who will ware house it for years.

  5. why fighting over such a petty issue. We have many things to fight togather Povery, sanitaion, health & hygiengene and this row is endless?? Wake up India Wake up Nepal. Now you gonna have democracy in nepal also. then you will see why tongue often slips in democracy. Enjoy democracy!!!

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  7. On the one hand, I have very little trouble with people creating whatever kind of simulations they wish, (I’m one of those people who thinks that for some people it’s a way to excercise these impulses in a safe, cathartic manner).On the other hand, the fact that these kinds of apps are (presumably) public, and have little or no age restrictions applied makes me uncomfortable, especially when it carries with it so many depressing ideas about female sexuality.

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  10. Jay, I agree that Ruger's SR45 does look interesting indeed. When you do get the ear of the good folk at Ruger, please ask them:1) Why is the Mark-III rimfire pistol series no longer MA-compliant? 2) What are their plans / when do they expect #1 to be resolved? Thx

  11. Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  12. L’entrée en lice des favoris a donné quelques petites surprises, Ferrer battu par Karlovic et Tsonga par Malisse en particulier et une grosse avec la défaite de Murray qui digère mal cette année encore sa défaite en finale de l’OA.D’autres ce soir (petites sans doute, grosses, à voir) ?

  13. Reading: the Mortal Instruments trilogy (why in the world did it take me this long?)Watching: SYTYCD!!!! (over and over on my DVR, I love rewatching my favorite dances)Listening: the National and Muse interspersed with some Coeur de Pirate.p.s. Mark and Chelsie are my absolute favorite dancers ever to grace SYTYCD. The "wedding dress" dance, aaaaaaaaaaaa!

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  15. Ã…h, Rebecca… Sikke et dejligt indlæg! 😀 Du har sÃ¥ evig ret. Jeg ELSKER dog bogen og jeg ELSKER filmen. Jeg var inde og se den d. 16 og igen i gÃ¥r. Den er simpelthen fantastisk og ja, som du selv siger, den bedste af alle fire film. 🙂 Og slutningen – jeg eeelsker den. 😉 Hehe. Er gÃ¥et i gang med at læse bogen igen, for jeg vil blive i den verden helt til del 2 kommer om et Ã¥r! Hvilket er alt for lang tid, at skulle vente. :/

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  18. So far I wouldn’t consider it enough generations to make any generalizations. There are cherry tomatoes, medium and large tomatoes. Once in a while I’ve seen a yellow but most are red. Some are very round but not the ‘perfect’ globes one sees in the store.

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  23. ok I tried posting the link to the video but it didn't work..onmy account I have a video titled attention youtube staff and fellow yoiutubers it's my comment about youtube's main page and changes that should be made…imo. sorry about the two previous comments that didn't work.

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  25. Thanks Justin! If that’s on your bucket list, then you’d love Haunted Mansion. It was completely Nightmare Before Christmas. Hope you get to visit during the holidays.

  26. Hola Jorge, la verdad es que no soy especialista en estos temas, pero procuro leer mucho sobre el asunto. Ahora todos estamos muy perdidos. Veremos qué sale de este período de incertidumbre. Gracias por venir.

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  33. ¿”Prestigio de las editoriales tradicionales”? ¿Por qué, por vender doscientos ejemplares con Gomaespuma o una de esas, estar un año entero diciendo las mismas tonterías en las bibliotecas, las librerías o los canales de televisión autonómica donde te inviten a presentarlo, y que en un par de meses no se acuerden de ti ni en la biblioteca de tu barrio?(Si Bértolo descubrió a Ray Loriga, es para empalarlo, cuartearlo y/o desmembrarlo: en la Edad Media se hacían cosas así, y no pasaba nada.)

  34. Ray Bradburyesque. Have you ever read The Veldt by Ray Bradbury? One of my favorite short stories. I tried to link you to it online but can’t copy links on this comment section.

  35. And yet, NBC still can’t seem to learn from their past digressions of airing sloppy comedies that make no sense and a drama that really doesn’t have any life in it with a bland character at that. Plain name recognition at ABC for Angels won’t guratanee a renewal.

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  37. A very good article. Sometimes I think the tight 1st-person focus on Katniss in Mockingjay was something of a handicap. There should have been some scenes showing Coin’s motivations, and that could only have worked if Coin were a point of view character.

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  44. We were lucky, Cathy and just had a bit of a dusting and an icing. Glad you’re ok, though. The hot yoga sounds like fun. I could have used it this morning, really cold out. Fold yourself up in your Mom’s suitcase and tag along!

  45. I am definitely not putting away my pumpkins!! I only just got them out!! I am so enjoying them! I meant that I am happy to be creating something other than pumpkins!! I'm with you…I'll enjoy Fall as long as I can!Hugs!

  46. I finished my 10 days. I lost about1/2 inch off my hips. I know my belly will be last too after 6 babies. I’m going to continue my hoedowns twice daily till I buy me a DVD. This is really fun and do-able!

  47. Oh, bliss, I thought I was the only one!! Reading through these comments is so encouraging to see how many of us there are, though I still feel a little like an endangered species. Thank you for this blog!

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  60. I did a 30 day no sugar challenge a couple months ago and felt amazing! However it's so easy to fall back into bad habits when its an addiction. So heck yes I'm in for another. I'm also doing the total body transformation for 12 weeks. Can't wait to see the results.

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  62. whiteblizzardFebruary 8, 2012 They only say “Korean Theaters” so I don’t think so it, would be nice though.Its already big news when K-Pop is mentioned in a foreigner countries news channels, to get a K-Pop related movie in 3D out world wide is really stretching it lolAnyways, I hope Cube uploads it onto their Youtube channel or something, here’s to wishful thinking.

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  65. oh no!pls don’t switch ‘em! im a big woojung fan!….i hope there will be changes…don’t change them pls…they’re one of the couples i watch in wgm,,i’m always looking forward about new updates regarding them…,,they’re my favorite….wanna see them more pls….don’t leave WGM so soon..

  66. Sorry. I just want to clarify what I meant. Had Romeny expressed outrage and solidarity with the Russian citizens taking to the estreets he could have 1. Expressed genuine outrage and demonstrated a responsible social conscience and 2. indirectly accused Obama of being the opposite, opening the door to discuss Obama's repeated ignorance when it cmes t human rights.That would hit liberals right where they live. As I wrote, even Obama's adoring media started to question his liberal agenda when he failed to respond in an appropriate time to the atrocities in Iran.IMO

  67. In 6 years when Noah Cyrus has her first kid how can she come up with a name stupid enough? Does the government allow the use of puffy stickers on birth certificates?

  68. denis dit :ah ça, les femmes de politicards de gauche, ma bonne dame, elles sont toutes journalistes et servent la soupe au populo de gauche… Et les femmes des politicards de droite, elles sont quoi? Vu les récentes révélations des valises à tiroirs ces derniers temps, si la gauche sent le totalitarisme, la droite c'est carrément despotisme.

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  70. Yeah, the prototype of Dogpound at Toyfair looked pretty cool, but the final piece is just an ugly hunk of white plastic with poorly done orange spray paint, it just does nothing for me. After the non-turtle figures here I think I’m going to just pass on any non-classic character (barring any great sales), the figures just aren’t worth it.

  71. Oh Thomas – isn’t that the truth. And here in NZ we see the same thing to a lesser extent. I have friends whose sons have been job hunting forever. They are getting to their forties and now have little or no chance of finding a job even with their university and life, credentials.The plans that many of my friends made for retirement will not happen now. They are living comfortable lives but not in the luxury that they had planned and thought they had provided for.Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  72. PLEASE everyone, follow the link on the report and REPORT this to the FCC as a criminal fraud. There are only a few of us who have educated ourselves on the issue enough to be confident that this is indeed a fraudulent CNN "report", and we need to make our voices heard loud and clear. Report!!! I don't think that the FCC will do anything about it at this time (very very unlikely), but when the shtf it will be useful to have a track record of the reports on this specific egregious event. It really is another massive and criminal attempt to manipulate the American public. REPORT this!!!

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