PIR-1010 ultrasonic multi-functional flow meters

Resolving the issue of accurate measurement of gas flow in the pipeline is one of the most important components of the effective management of gas enterprises. Invention of ultrasonic flow meters was a technological breakthrough. Currently this is one of the dynamically developing technology of gas flow metering in pipes. Flow meters effectively work under a pressure of 4 bar and more, measuring flows up to 40 m/sec in pipes from 75 to 1,500 mm in diameter; flow meters are applicable for fiscal and real time metering of natural, process gas and air flow rate. Flow meters can also be used for flow rate measurement of multiphase media (gas plus liquid phase) ensuring stable measurement in the presence of up 30% liquid phase and measuring its content within the accuracy of ~5%.

1010 flow meters don’t have moving parts and are absolutely not susceptible to the influence of gas flow. Flow meter testing time: 4 years.

We are producing 1, 2, 3 and 4 ray flow meters with high, enhanced and ultra-high accuracy. 1010 detachable gas flow meters do not require hot tapping for installation on high pressure supply lines, they are easily installable in the accessible position and are applied for:

  • process metering of natural gas;
  • measurement quality control at gas metering units;
  • metering of gas for own (auxiliary) use;
  • In gas leakage detection system on gas mains.


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