Analytical systems and panels

185 Анализатор CFA-3000

185 CFA-3000 Analyzer

Hydrazine analyzer model 185 (CFA3018) ensures simple, convenient and stable operation. Install color-coded tubes into the relevant tanks with regents, install colorless and transparent tubes into the relevant tanks and press the button. Analyzer will automatically start calibration and then can be commissioned. After commissioning, the analyzer will perform calibration twice per week. Routine maintenance is simple. Reagents and reference solution shall be replaced once per three month. To ensure stable operation and low operating expenses of 185 model it is necessary to replace valve pump each year. Complete maintenance takes 1 hour per year.

Using additional integrated flow selector 185 model can take measurements of 6 consequent sample flows. Single analog output is used at normal conditions. Flow marker indicates the starting point of each new flow. Multiple output option is also available where a separate analog output is assigned to each sample flow. Multiple output option saves the last value of each output before update. Hydrazine analyzer model 185 has a pressurized reagent delivery system. Utility air is not obligatory for pumping system. 185 model uses a package measurement method. Updating occurs each 12 minutes. The device has the following security certificates: EN 61010-1, EN 55011, EN 50082-1:92


T1056 Система измерения мутности

T1056 Turbidity measurement system

Clarity II turbidimeter is used for water turbidity measurement. Low level of stray light, high stability, effective removal of bubbles and high resolution of 0.001 NTU make Clarity II turbidimeter an ideal tool for monitoring of filtered water turbidity. Since this device measure water turbidity up to 200 NTU, it can be also used for various types of unprocessed water. Clarity II turbidimeter can be applied in areas other that potable water purification. For instance, monitoring of tail water, reverse cycle condensate and during water clarifier operation. USEPA 180.1 and ISO 7027 compatible sensors can be used. USEPA 180.1 sensors utilize the source of visible light. ISO 7027 sensors utilize near IR band LED

WQP Система контроля качества воды на парогенерирующих агрегатах и в других высокотемпературных процессах. УПП устройства подготовки пробы

WQP water quality control system in steam generating and other high-temperature processes. Sample preparation device (SPD)

WQP model is designed for determination of conductivity value, cation conductivity of pH or oxygen dissolved in steam processes. The system includes pressure reduction chamber , sample cooling system, coarse and fine purification filters. The model is designed for sample pressure on input equaling to: 319, 180 or 120 bar.

WQS Многопараметрическая оптическая/амперометрическая система контроля качества воды

WQS multi-variable optical/amperometric water quality control system

WQS water quality control system is designed for determination of pH, Redox, dissolved chlorine or monochloramine, oxygen, potable water turbidity.

The system is equipped with customer-selected sensors and analyzers. In contrast to the other systems, WQS model does not use expensive sample preparation systems and toxic reagents.

WQS system operation requires flow rate of at least 183 ml/min, which ensures the possibility to use the system under condition of water economy or in the absence of water drain.