Industrial chromatography

Промышленный газовый хроматограф Maxum II

Maxum II Industrial Gas Chromatograph

Forty years long experience of Siemens AG company in the field of industrial chromatography resulted in creation of Maxum edition II™ system, which combined the best gas chromatographs — Advance Applied Optichrom and Siemens PGC 302 on a single platform. The system has modular structure from temperature control and electronic components to software and communication circuits, while pre-configured modules of application software allows to conduct multiple general purpose measurements. Maxum II allows to combine various functional modules with flexible concept of furnace for optimum solution of the most complex tasks that makes this device a universal industrial gas chromatograph for flexible application with a wide selection of analytical features.

Промышленный газовый хроматограф MicroSAM

MicroSAM (Micro Single Analyzer Module) field-type explosion-proof gas chromatograph is based on silica micromechanics. Solid, explosion-proof MicroSAM casing includes electronic, pneumatic modules and analytic track with valveless sample injection and column switching. Chromatograph is shipped fully configured for application in chemical industry (ethylene analysis in1,2-dichloroethane, determination of nitrogen in acetylene, analysis of methanol, water and dimethyl ether in pilot installations, etc.), oil and gas industry (hydrogen analysis in recirculating and other process gases, analysis of noble gases and low-boiling paraffine or olefine in combustion gases…), metallurgical industry (analysis of exhaust gas in blast furnaces), pharmaceutical industry (О2, N2, CО2 analysis in water in fermentation process), cement industry (analysis of fire damp for noble gases and hydrocarbons), etc.

Хроматографы газовые промышленные моделей 700, 700ХА, 771

700, 700ХА, 771 Industrial Gas Chromatographs

700, 700ХА, 771 industrial gas chromatographs (hereafter chromatographs) are designed for continuous measurements of components content in various gas mixtures and liquid hydrocarbons, including measurement of volume ratio of natural (associated) gas.