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Metrological service
Metrology service of «RPA «ECOHIMPRIBOR» carries out the works for provision of uniformity, the required accuracy and improvement of measurements during performance of complex tasks (designing, kitting, commissioning and start-up, service maintenance).
  • Development and implementation of normative documents in the field of flow rate measurement for natural gas, liquid, gas-condensate, gases at gas-condensate fields and products produced from their processing.
  • Arrangement and carrying out inspection of metering devices, metering groups, measurement channels of aggregate automation facilities of compressor plants and CPCS.
  • Development of measurement methods for flow parameters, flow rate, mass and volume of gas, liquid and gas condensates applied in the area of government control over measurement assurance.
  • Development of measurement group design and metrological support for the projects.
  • Service maintenance of the delivered measurement groups as well as technical and tutorial support for the enterprises and organizations to improve measurement assurance.
  • Arrangement and carrying of scientific and research, development and implementation works in the field of measurement assurance.
  • Carrying out of metrological supervision
  • Carrying out of metrological audit
Metrological department of «RPA«ECOHIMPRIBOR » is certified in the field of measurement assurance (accreditation certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.310178 dated 26.06.2013) and can perform initial and periodic inspections (as per the accredited specialization) of the following metering devices:
  • All types of ultrasonic flow meters (liquid and gas) through simulation testing;
  • Microprocessor-based flow metering complexes, flow rate and gas (liquid) quantity metering groups, electronic adjusters, gas quantity meter, metering controllers;
  • level gages: radar, microwave, float-type, radio-wave, ultrasonic, etc.;
  • pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, compound pressure gauges, deformation gauges (including gauges with conventional scale);
  • Pressure transformers: absolute, excessive, differential pressure with analogue and digital output;
  • gas chromatographs;
  • gas analyzers, gas detector and gas detectors;
  • measurement channel for controllers, metering-computational, controlling, software and hardware complexes
Specialist of metrological department of «RPA «ECOHIMPRIBOR » have significant experience in measurement assurance, deep knowledge of regulatory framework and technology that allows for in-depth analysis of the assigned tasks and provision of complex solutions at a high level of quality. Our partners: «Gazprom PJSC», «NOVATEK PJSC», «Rosneft OJSC», «PhosAgro-Cherepovets OJSC», « «URALCHEM JSC», and others.
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